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Carlotta Singular, Singular Joter mare granddaughter wins in the USA

13/01/18 - The mare Carlotta Singular won on Wednesday (16) the G & C Farm competition, 1.45m, at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, located in Florida, USA.

Carlotta Singular is a Hanoverian female. She was born in 2002, daughter of the stallion Chasseur I and an mare, daughter of the Singular Joter. Singular is a stallion born and raised on the Stud Farm Joter in Brazil. He contributed to the advancement of the brazilian race genetic.

The Irish Conor Swail, Carlotta Singular rider, highly praised the mare:"I just started riding her ten days ago.  She is a very nice jumper with a lot of experience. She is fun to ride. Today was good. I was first to go and her own natural way is quick. She likes running along and being fast anyway, so just doing the turns and floating along, it suits her actually. It was a nice round; I was very pleased with how she jumped."



Fonte: MSN Sporthorses B & M - Communication Advisory ABCCH



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